Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

Enthusiasts, Accommodators, & Skeptics

January 25, 2022 Sacred Playgrounds Season 1 Episode 11
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
Enthusiasts, Accommodators, & Skeptics
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Show Notes

Which are you? More importantly, which are they.

They are your pastoral partners in ministry, and they've got a POV on camp. What does that look like and why does it matter.  In the Camp and Church Leadership Project, we uncovered something we weren't necessarily searching for - a gauge on their engagement - and it turns out there are 3 groups of leaders. It also turns out that the ways we connect with them, serve them, and communicate with them might make a huge difference.

Listen in, then learn more about the project and read the articles further breaking down each group at Listen back to the CCLP overview episode here.

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