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Staff Training Deep Dive

April 19, 2023 Sacred Playgrounds Season 2 Episode 16
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
Staff Training Deep Dive
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Show Notes

Staff training is identified by many leaders and summer staff members alike as their favorite part of the summer. There must be something going on here.

There is. Something that matters. Your camp culture starts here. The creativity, clarity, and community that is gained in these training and orientation experiences set the tone for the summer, impacting campers and families every week.

So how do we do this really well? We use what we've learned to frame staff training in a way that begins to give staff the three things they need to thrive in a summer of ministry: support, agency, and a faithful community. We'll also share stories, ideas, and tips on how to get there.

PS, here are some of the resources and projects we refer to in this episode:
The Camp & Church Leadership Project
Holy Ground: A Guidebook for Summer Camp Staff
Training Throughout the Summer by Kelsey Blinn
BRAND NEW! Sacred Playgrounds Staff Training Opportunities

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