Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

Fresh Findings from OMC

April 04, 2023 Sacred Playgrounds Season 2 Episode 15
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
Fresh Findings from OMC
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Show Notes

These are some of the most impactful findings on the pulse of outdoor ministry today, draped in a really hopeful outlook. We unpack things like the biggest threat to outdoor ministry this year, what we're learning about director demographics, the four types of faith-focused camps, and more.

We just finalized the report on the 5th OMC Director's Survey, a biennial study of camp leaders and the ministries they serve, effectively telling a story of where we've been and indicating trajectory for where we're going. These are the kinds of findings any camp can use right now. In this episode, we're sharing some of the most interesting headlines and why they matter. Learn more and access the report at

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