Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

The Best Gift We Can Give Them

March 23, 2023 Season 2 Episode 14
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
The Best Gift We Can Give Them
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Show Notes

To know and listen - these is the best gifts we can give our camp community. This applies throughout our ministries, from the connection between a counselor and camper, to how we engage our trusted supporters, and everything in between.

Life is loud, input is constant, and expectations of production are high. It's part of why set-apart experiences like camp are so vital right now. Sometimes it feels like no one listens anymore. When we listen, and listen well, then act based on what we hear, we offer something far too uncommon these days.

In this episode, Jake and Jared talk about intentionally identifying the unique, contextualized audiences that make up our camp community. Then, we'll talk about why and how listening well to them makes all the difference. We'll hear a story of how one camp listened well, and what they heard brought them insight that turned to action that turned to incredible ministry. Anna sat down with Brent Seaks, Executive Director of Badlands Ministries in western North Dakota, during last year's Lutheran Outdoor Ministry conference.

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