Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

Holy Ground 2023 with 2 Special Guests

January 25, 2023 Season 2 Episode 10
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
Holy Ground 2023 with 2 Special Guests
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Show Notes

It's here! Holy Ground 2023 is available for pre-order, and we couldn't be more excited. We know these staff are the heart of your summer ministry, and we've learned and learned again that supporting them is absolutely vital. That's why we created Holy Ground.

This year's edition comes complete with 12 weeks of brand new for 2023 devotions, updated training and resource content, and a pretty new cover. Holy Ground is a practical, inspirational, and deeply useful companion for every single one of your summer staff.

In this episode, we'll hear from two special guests. Our friend Gretchen Bachman, whose initial idea to support summer staff with a devotional became the heart of Holy Ground, co-hosts with Jared sharing the origin & framework of this resource. Plus, we'll hear a conversation Anna Sorenson from our team had with Tom Powell, Executive Director at Caroline Furnace Camp & Retreat with some stories and specifics for how their team and summer staff found value in Holy Ground and how they used it in a variety of ways.

Want to hear more? Listen to last year's Holy Ground preview episode.

Two steps to take out of today's episode. First, check out to download a sample and learn more. Then, estimate how many copies you'll need for your staff team and submit a pre-order today! You'll confirm numbers and complete your order this spring prior to staff training.

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