Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

A Holy Handoff

September 21, 2022 Sacred Playgrounds Season 2 Episode 2
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
A Holy Handoff
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Show Notes

Pick your analogy, a seamless pass of the baton in the zone while speeding around the track, a quarterback placing the ball squarely in the gut of a tailback headed for the endzone, an instrumental duet with a melody passed perfectly from one first chair to another - when handoffs are done well, it's beautiful and successful and everyone is the better for it.

That's the season we're in, right now. Summer camp has ended and both our campers and our staff members are beginning something fresh, yet the experiences and memories of camp, the data tells us, continues to impact who they are.

So this means there is opportunity for intentional handoff to ministry partners in places like homes, congregations, and campuses. The spirit of camp keeps moving when bridges are built.

You'll hear Jared and Jake share a few ways to handoff intentionally, but we're most interested in your creative ideas and positive experiences, so join us in one of the spaces below and offer up what you've seen work well in this season of holy handoff.

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