Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

4 Steps to Supporting Staff Mental Health

April 12, 2022 Sacred Playgrounds Season 1 Episode 16
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
4 Steps to Supporting Staff Mental Health
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Show Notes

There's a path for summer camp staff to be well, really well, in body, mind, and spirit this summer. When they, and you, are supported in mental wellbeing, it lays a foundation for a season of less staff attrition, more energy, and incredible ministry. On this episode Jake sits down with Joy Hensel, a youth and outdoor ministry veteran with training and experience in mental health care.

Joy Hensel, MA, LADC, ADC-MN, is from Duluth Minnesota. Joy attended graduate school at Luther Seminary, the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies and at the Adler Graduate School. Joy’s background in youth and family ministry includes eight years in congregations, and as the Program Director at Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry.  Joy has worked as an outpatient chemical dependency counselor in a dual diagnosis program for adolescents. Currently, she is working as the grant program consultant for the youth ministry and mental health initiative with the Northeastern Minnesota Synod ELCA, is an Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and a full-time parent.  She enjoys opportunities to speak, teach and be a resource to congregations.

We've been promising a deeper dive on this topic, and our conversation with Joy provides really important insight and action steps for camp leaders to consider right now as you prepare for the summer ahead.

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