Sacred Playgrounds Podcast

4 Things Camp Builds

January 23, 2024 Season 3 Episode 10
Sacred Playgrounds Podcast
4 Things Camp Builds
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Show Notes

Camp staff outcomes align remarkably well with the top skills employers identify as most important for the 21st-century workforce, including teamwork, communication skills, leadership, and problem-solving. Being a member of a Christian summer camp staff builds vital skills needed for impactful careers and faithful lives.

On this episode, we're breaking down 4 things camp builds in summer staff members that can make a significant difference in their vocations and careers. This is part of the kickoff and continuation of the Camp Builds _______. Campaign we recently launched to equip, inform, and activate influencers in the lives of emerging adults around these career readiness skills and experiences.

We've got a whole set of resources for you to join in spreading the good news that camp staff experiences have lasting impact. Use the links below to explore, download your kit of ready-to-share assets, share a story of what camp has built for you, and more.


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